What is GOTS certification and what does it mean for you and your little human?

Posted on: Aug 29, 2018 | Author: cocobabybox.com

With all the different organic certifications out there it can be a little confusing. So here at cocobabybox.com we have pulled together all the key elements of GOTS certification to help explain the benefits for you and your little human.

What is GOTS certification and what does it mean for you and your little human?

GOTS certification is recognised as the gold standard for the sustainable processing of organic clothing and textiles such as organic cotton or organic wool.

With this certification, at least 70% of organically produced fibres must be used to be categorised as organic (GOTS certified). 

However, while a great step in the right direction, the use of organic fibres is not enough to be certified with the GOTS standard. The production chain also need to be classified as organic.

To make them truly sustainable GOTS has strict processes for the entire processing chain, this criteria is very strict and customers can be assured that nor they or the people making their products will be harmed.

They have prohibited the use of certain chemicals which are typically used in textile production. Some of these chemicals have been known to cause Cancer, birth defects and other serious illnesses. When products are produced in a GOTS certified factory, only low impact chemicals are used to protect the workers and the people wearing the clothes.

GOTS also has restrictions on waste water treatment and procedures to reduce water and energy consumption overall. They also ensure manufacturers enforce key laws from the International labor organisation ensuring Safe working conditions, no discrimination and no child labour.

All of these checks are not only done by GOTS certifiers but also third party certifiers along the entire textile supply chain. Every section of the supply chain process is independently certified to ensure all these elements protect the Farmers who grow the cotton and the manufacturers who produce the garments.

There are so many awesome benefits to buying organic cotton for you and your baby, for more information on this check out our article for Why organic cotton matters. 

All of cocobabybox.com products are made using GOTS certified cotton. Please see below details for the license number and QR-code which will direct you to our manufacturers company details. 

License Number: CU 856242



When scanned with a smartphone this QR-Code links directly to this company detail page in the public GOTS database. You can use it on your websites, in brochures or print it right into your clothes labels and more.

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